Despite of  my craft work, getting inspired by someone else craft work is also important for me. Believe me, we prone to get New ideas and to improvise on our own craft work by the experience and JUST seeing.

This week, I've selected a friendly person with a sweet smile and had a GREAT experience with Wire Jewelry Maker and also a Tutor, Miss Mastura of Whimsicalnquirky to be featured in Craftzmaniac.blogspot.com. I'm impressed with Mastura's FINE and ELEGANT craft work and many has seen her handmade and truly impressed with her craft work.

Q1. Tell us about yourself
A . Born in PJ (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia), i now reside in Ampang.Graduated in Business Admin (transport/logistics major) from UITM, Shah Alam. Worked as a PA before quitting to become full time homemaker (to 3 kids and pets) and crafter. I dwell in various arts and crafts like papercraft, needlecraft and even painting before finally found my true calling, wire jewelry craft. Seriously ventured into wire jewelry making in April 2009. I now work from home concentrating on my online business and conduct wire jewelry workshops in between.

Q2. How did you 1st learn your wire jewellery?
A : I started on my own without any books and guidance, just instinct (As i grow older, i realised that i am different in some ways from others and having a special child i asked myself sometimes, am i different too? perhaps that's why i can see this craft as a natural thing for me to develop and do). anyway, as i progressed further and deeper into this subject, i get more and more fascinated and that is when i studied further and do research through the internet, books and magazines. i became obsessed and everyday i would be working more than 10 hours perfecting my skills. So for example if you ask me how i can make good jump rings, my answer would be, " working on 10 spools just making jump rings would be a contributing factor"
common phrase is PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT, but i never believe in perfection. So i would say, practice makes it better and better.

Q3. What make you decide to start an online shop?
A : few reasons:
1. Timing is right. my children are pretty much independent already and i suddenly myself with extra time.
2. With all the practice and obsession making wire jewelry, i am landed with lots of pieces.I figured, If i can sell them it wud be great coz then i can invest more money into my passion to buy more materials and more books! that is why i tell everyone, it doesnt make me rich but i sure love every moment of crafting that this business gives me.

Q4. What makes you pursue into conducting your 1st Class?
A :Requests to learn the craft. I wasnt sure about it at first but gained confidence by giving out free lessons and my first "student" is another well known successful crafter from MOLECULE, Soo mei :))
From that on, its moving forward for me all the way and from the workshops i developed workshop tutorials and from there i started to sell wire jewelry making tutorials worldwide.

Q5. What would you like to tell/ share the other crafters out there?
A : I want to share so many things! all you have to do is ask me....lol
ok la....i want to share this:
1. crafting is first and foremost should be enjoyed and not stressed about.
2. If the result of crafting is not as what you expected it to be, please look beyond it. what works for me, may not work for you (methods and technique) so PLEASE improvise.
3. Online business wise, NEVER GIVE UP. take everything in stride, the gud the bad and the ugly and turn it to your advantage. Dont cry over spilled milk ya. Just take tissue, cloth anything and wipe it clean and pour yourself another glass of milk


Yerp, "Dont cry over spilled milk ya. Just take tissue, cloth anything and wipe it clean and pour yourself another glass of milk". Thank you Mastura for sharing with us. Despite of the sharing, Mastura would like to share her TUTORIAL to all craftzmaniac readers.


How to make? Click here.

You can visit her website : http://www.whimsicalnquirky.com/
If you are a blogger : http://whimsicalnquirkytutorial.blogspot.com
You can also check her out at ETSY : http://www.etsy.com/shop/rimaumanja?ref=em


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