18TH DECEMBER 2011 - Marseilles Soap Making Workshop by Lulla Bella

Let start and make your very own and unique batch of Marseilles Soap, The world’s famous soap prized on its purity & gentle care. And also a great soap for relaxing and calming the senses after a busy day of work. You also get to play around with herb powders, organic clays or additives to make your own unique soap bars.

Savon de Marseille -The world’s famous soap prized on its purity & gentle care.Marseille soap became outmoded in the 1960's, but with a rise in ecology and the search for the most natural products possible, Marseille Soap has regained its popularity. Savon de Marseille has the reputation for being kind to the skin and it is recommended for general skincare, because of its mildness and anti-bacterial qualities.

Participants will learn to make their own soap mould and about 500g of soap, which they can take home to cut afterwards.

Each student will receive a special certificate of recognition from Lullabelle Handmade Soap for this class!

Each participant will need to bring 1 empty milk cartons (1000ml size).

Class Language: English & Mandarin / Cantonese
Class Fee/ person: RM250 (inclusive of materials)
Class Deposit : RM120 (this fee is non refundable in the case of absentee)
Maximum Participants Capacity : 2 – 6 person
Language Medium: English (supplemented with Mandarin/Cantonese)

Tutor:Patty (lullabellesoap@gmail.com / 019-2171015)
*Time length 2 -3 hours.

Available Timetable and Venue:
December 18: 3pm – 6pm (Marseilles Soap) at Fabric Fanatics (Add: Lot RL2-096, Level 2, USJ 19 Mall, Jalan Persiaran Kewajipan, USJ19, 47620)

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