Craftzmaniac established on 18.10.2010 by Rebecca Chuah aka Hauhc Mikko Acceber and this Group is officially under Craftzmaniac Creative (Reg: 002016308-M), a registered enterprise with Commission of Company Malaysia. Later, we recruited Hasnida Zakaria, Mis Fid, Namizam Muda and Sabrina Yazid to act as a volunteering admin.

We are a non profit group as this group is only a reviewer group from Malaysia. We make a free review as we know, most of our crafters can't afford for a billboard advertisement to promote their products and events.

We are an active group of crafters. Thus, we occasionally organize gathering to get to know each other and to talk about craft.

Our mission is to recruit as much crafters as we can in Malaysia, and a one stop station for all crafters to buy online and to support each other.

As a crafter, Craftzmaniac DO NOT encourage crafters to sell copyright scaned design FROM BOOKS & photocopy from design book or online design patern. We would be grateful if all of us could respect the designer or the creator. Thus, if any report/ complain being received from any buyer/ purchaser/ authorities in any country, you will be removed from craftzmaniac. craftzmaniac only accept ready made item, designer and qualify suppliers and NOT a copycat.

Remember, respect others.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Best regards,

Email : craftzmaniac@gmail.com
Website : http://craftzmaniac.blogspot.com/
Find us in facebook : http://www.facebook.com/craftzmaniac
Rebecca Chuah a.k.a Hauch Mikko Acceber 
(A member of ACG - Membership No. 6713/2011)
Fulltime Profession : Tax Consultant
Blog address :MikkoHandmadeLodge

Mis Fid 
(A member ACG - Membership No. 6714/2011)
Fulltime Profession : Research Scientist
Blog address : misfydkrafts

Namizam Itu Aku 
(A member ACG - Membership No. 6721/2011)
Fulltime Profession : Graphic Designer
Blog address :miezcraft

Sabrina Yazid
Fulltime Profession : Businesswomen
Blog address : mikylayna

Hasnida Zakaria
Fulltime Profession : Tax Consultant
Blog address : Under Development


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