"How to get spotted?" is a easy task!

1. Follow the blog

2. Copy the link of "Our Banner" to your link

3. Email me at once with the info below:

· Email title: "LINK ME: (Review/ Event / Workshop/ Promotion)"
· Blog name:
· Blog URL:
· Your full name : (Not nickname)
· Attach your best photo with your copyright

Simple? Now, read the terms for submission.

Terms of submission
a. The photo submitted has to be original and with a "copyright" of your name.
b. However, once submission is done, the rights is given to Craftzmaniac Creative to edit, to re-edit and to advertise to proceed for publication purposes and to be viewed by others.
c. Your submitted photos may be rejected by Craftzmaniac Creative due to over expose of photos, unclear, blur, copy from others and/or does not fulfilled the above mentioned criteria.
d. You may anytime request us to remove your photos from Craftzmaniac Creative with a written email.
e. Craftzmaniac Creative also have the rights to remove your photos which may due to complaints and inactive account


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